Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2

Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2 is a madcap entertainer that will make you giggle and whistle!

Celebdhaba Movie Review: Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2

By and large, what kind of anticipation does one have from the new installment of a successful franchise? Also, the query that crosses one’s mind is, will the new installment offer better-quality entertainment, will it promise guffaws and belly laughs [in this case] and in turn, prove to be a money spinner at the ticket window?

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JPNA 2 has an ensemble cast, it retains a few names from the first part Humayun Saeed, Ahmad Ali Butt, Vasay Chaudhry, Uzma Khan and Sarwat Gillani, but has a number of entrants as well Fahad Mustafa, Kubra Khan, Mawra Hocane and Omer Shehzad.

jawani phir nahi ani 2

Now let’s set the record straight.

In the first installment, the focus was on the comic situations arising from certain incidents. But this time around the film has barely left anyone. Be it Ali Zafar’s “Rockstar”, Ranbir Kapoor’s “Channa Mereya”, reality game shows or political one liners like “Mujhe Kyu Nikala”, JPNA 2 takes a dig at all.

One of the highpoints of the film is the way it depicts the turbulent history and conflict between India and Pakistan, in a light-hearted manner that reminds us about brotherhood and loving our neighbors. Baig surely has a way of narrating an engaging tale alongwith a powerful message in a humorous tone.

jawani phir nahi ani 2

The film starts where the original “Jawani” ended. Pervez (Ahmad Ali Butt) and Sheikh (Vasay Chaudhry) along with their wives Lubna (Uzma Khan) and Gul (Sarwat Gillani) visit Turkey on the insistence of PeePee brother in law Rahat (Fahad Musafa). The purpose of traveling to Turkey is to win over the confidence of the vivacious Balani (Sohail Ahmad) father of Rahat’s girlfriend Zoe (Mawra Hocane).

In between, Pervez and Shiekh discover Sherry (Humayun Saeed) whereabouts in Turkey. Sherry lost his wife Marina in a paragliding accident and is committed to a mental asylum for years.

Sherry gets a second chance to win over his new love Selina (Kubra Khan) who accidentally has a cross border connection.

There’s no denying that the writing of the film is clever. The characters are well defined, the setting and situations are just right and the dialogues are sharp and witty. One doesn’t mind watching nonsensical situations as long as the film holds your interest.

jawani phir nahi ani 2

Nadeem Baig entertains you with sufficient tummy laughs, the magical words that define masala movies [entertainment] that’s all that actually matters. Let’s not overlook the fact that a large chunk of the movie-going audience admire and relish these entertainers and are passionate about cinema of this variety.

As for the performances:

Humayun Saeed is in full form and delivers a fine performance, although it’s not something that he has not done before. He’s quite good in the dramatic portions of the second half.

jawani phir nahi ani 2

This time around, Fahad Mustafa has emerged a lot better in his comic timing and gets your funny bone tickling with his worthy act.

jawani phir nahi ani 2

As for the leading lady’s, Kubra Khan has the meatiest role and gives a decent account of herself. Mawra’s act is more of an eye candy.

jawani phir nahi ani 2

Sarwat Gillani and Uzma Khan are befitting in their own space. Sara Loren fails to radiate the oomph in her sleazy item number.

Vasay Chaudhry is simply superb.

Ahmad Ali Butt’s comedy is flawless. He takes the cake in the scene where he as “Ms. Maina” gets proposed by “Mr. Balani”.

jawani phir nahi ani 2

Omar Shehzad, what a surprise! Yes, I’ll be honest and say I didn’t had much expectations but man-oh-man – he looks amazing, acts superbly and is indeed a refreshing addition to the industry.

jawani phir nahi ani 2

Sohail Ahmed is hilarious and shines every time he appears on screen. He’s sure to bring the house down!

It’s a treat watching veteran like Kanwaljit Singh. He is quite nice in his wicked avatar, although the length of his character isn’t much.

jawani phir nahi ani 2

Hamza Ali Abbasi shines in a cameo. He’s hilarious!

Songs like “Behka Re” and “Tillay Wale Jooti” are already chartbusters.

JPNA 2 is an ideal fun ride which delivers ample entertainment quotient. An out-and-out entertainer, it’s sure to light up the celebratory festive mood. At the box office, the movie has all it takes to emerge as a blockbuster. Go for it!

Verdict: If your idea of watching a comedy is to have a good time at the movies, then JPNA 2 is especially designed for you.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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