The trailer of Jumanji: The next level is out and the Dwayne Johnson starrer looks like its going to be filled with a lot of adventure. This will be the sequel to the 2017 where we saw the kids choosing their avatars in the game however this time its completely different, the game has crashed and the characters are not the same anymore.

Dwayne Johnsons and Kevin Hart characters in the game play older men rather than teenagers and this is the thing that will really give us a big laugh. Jack Black will also be returning to the film however he will not be playing the role of Pretty Bethan the only avatar that has retained its character is Karen Gillian and the films cast makes the film look really fun and seeing everyone in different avatars really makes the film more exciting.

Jumanji was originally made in 1995 which starred Robin Williams, the 2017 version was direct sequel to the film however the kids did not play a board game they played a game Jumanji on a console and that is when things started to change. After watching the trailer we can say that the makers have surely upgraded the film and have made it worth the watch.

Jumanji: The Next Level has been directed by Jake Kasdan and the film will be hitting the big screens this year in December.