Junaid Jamshed

On Junaid Jamshed’s 54th Birth Anniversary, revisit his 10 best songs, from Dil Dil Pakistan to Us Rah Par

Rising to fame with the globally-famed anthem ‘Dil Dil Pakistan’, singer-turned-televangelist Junaid Jamshed is being remembered by fans world-over on his 54th birthday.

Junaid Jamshed was a Pakistani recording artist, television personality, fashion designer, singer-songwriter, and a preacher.

Junaid Jamshed

After graduating with a degree in engineering from the University of Engineering and Technology, Jamshed briefly worked as a civilian contractor and engineer for the Pakistan Air Force before focusing on a musical career.

He soon began performing on various local university campuses before being noticed by pop singer Rohail Hyatt in 1983.

Junaid Jamshed

Jamshed first gained nationwide prominence and international recognition as group ‘Vital Signs’ vocalist in 1987 with the album ‘Vital Signs 1’. The album topped the music channel charts around the country. It included the number one single “Dil dil Pakistan” and “Tum Mil Gye”.

Junaid Jamshed

In 2004, Jamshed left both his engineering and music careers and focused on his religious activities for Islam and reciting nasheeds on TV and releasing them on CD’s.

Junaid Jamshed

While traveling from Chitral to Islamabad on December 07, 2016, Jamshed, along with his wife, Ayesha and daughter Nahya, died when PIA Flight 661 crashed in the mountainous region near Chitral.

Jamshed also using his creativity launched his own clothing line with the name “J.”

Jamshed hosted Ramazan transmission at ARY News with fellow host and anchor Waseem Badami, who remembered his brother like friend on his Birthday, He tweeted;

Here are the top 10 songs, for us, of his career.

1. Dil Dil Pakistan (the second national anthem of Pakistan) was the song that introduced the world to Junaid Jamshed’s magical voice and his band Vital Signs.

2. Tum Door Thay is melodious and has a soft music touch along with its video is a treat to the ears and eyes.

3. Naa Tu Aygibecame an instant hit because of its catchy music and tune, and most importantly for its video which was directed by Shoaib Mansoor.

4. Maula is one of the last songs, Vital Signs did together.

5. Aitbaar is yet another romantic number. Its beautiful mainly due to its smooth lyrics and music.

6. Yeh Shaam is another signature song which won our hearts due to its slow tempo.

7. Ankhon Ko Ankhon Naey  featured then-top model Amna Haq. The number became famous because of traditional touch and music.

8. Tumharay Or Mera Naama sad song for broken hearts.

9. Sanwali Saloni Si Mehboba was among the songs which changed the concept of beauty in our part of the world, celebrating the beauty of sanwali women.

10. Us Rah Par is Junaid Jamshed’s one of the last songs as a singer. In one of his interview, Jamshed stated that lyrics of this song depicts his then-condition as he was seeking new paths in his life, which led to him becoming a religious scholar.