Junaid Khan, Asad Siddique and Sonia Mishal will all be starring in TV One’s upcoming exclusive drama serial Ro Raha hai Dil.

We asked Junaid Khan about his Character in the upcoming drama serial and this is what the actor shared with us :

“I will be playing the role of Ahad in the drama serial, where my role will be of a boy who is very emotional, loving and has forgiving personality, all my fans would surely be aware of all my roles and I usually opt for all those hardcore roles in Drama serials where I can be seen as the tough guy however this role was something different and I wanted to do something different portray a completely different role and this is the main reason I opted for this opportunity.”


Talking about Sonia Mishal, who will also be starring in Ro Raha Tha Dil also shared her experience with us about the role :

“At first when I was offered the role I didn’t plan on doing it however when the writer called me and explained the role, I thought about the role and planned on doing it. This role is something very different from my Real life character I will be playing the role of a girl who will be hating her father in the drama serial and I really wanted to portray a role which would send a message to all those people out there in some way or another.” She further added on “ Well the overall experience with the team was great and it was a journey to remember will all the cast.”

Asad Siddique will be playing the role of Humayun in the drama a character having the personality of a dual face person a person who hates women, but as we all know behind every bad person there is a story who changes the mindset and yes that’s the actual story behind Humayun character.

The cats includes Junaid Khan, Sonia Mishal, Asad Siddique, Usman Pirzada and Atika Odo, Fraheen Ansari and many more. Produced under the banner of Dramebaaz Productions lead by Erum Rizwan.

Ro Raha hai Dil will be onair from 27th August 2018, from TV One.