Junaid Khan will be seen in the upcoming drama serial by ARY Digital titled Haniya. Junaid Khan will be seen doing a very negative role in the drama serial. It is a project of Six Sigma Plus and the drama serial has been directed by Qasim Ali Mureed and the script has been written by Door Way Ent.

We asked Junaid Khan about the drama serial and he told us “So I’ll be playing a really negative role in the drama serial and the cast includes  Zoya Nasir, Osama, Firdous Jamal, Waseem Abbas and many others the cast is very promising.”

The makers of the drama serial have just released a teaser trailer of the drama serial and after looking at the teaser we can easily say that Junaid Khan will be donning the character of a negative guy, always suited up sophisticatedly however he will be making his wife’s life very tough by torturing her. We see some scenes in which Junaid Khan can be seen physically harming Zoya Nasir and telling her to fake her happiness in front of her parents.

After watching the teaser of the drama we can easily say that this drama serial will be a must watch and just another view of our societies dark part.  


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