The much awaited film Mowgli’s trailer has hit the internet, the film had gone through many delays before this and finally its coming out in no time, Andy Serkis will be directing the film based on the story by Rudyard Kipling, the film is based on a boy who grew up in the Jungles of India inspired by the animated movie Jungle Book.

The trailer opens up where we can see Mowgli is caught up in a cage by the villagers and then we can hear Christian bale’s voice where he says “you have only heard stories of the jungle. I lived in King’s palace in a cage just like this.”  Then the trailer shows us Bagheera the panther voiced by Christian Bale.

The trailer shows us Sher Khan as well who is the king of the jungle and is after Mowgli Sher Khan is voiced by Benedict Cumberbatch and Andy Serkis will be playing the role of Baloo the bear. Well Thor ragnarok actor Kate Blanchett also makes an appearance because she will be the role of Kaa the snake in the film. Rohan Chand will be playing Mowgli.

Mowgli has been under production since 2015 but it was delayed because of Disney Jungle Book by Jon Favreau.  Mowgli features some genuinely stunning shots as well as some astonishingly threatening beasts. Several scenes especially stand out like the one where a bruised Shere Khan makes an entry and there are some scenes where we can see those monkeys jump towards the camera in short we will be experiencing the life in Jungle.

Mowgli is going to be a great film which will narrate us Rudyards Kipling’s stories. Mowgli is all set to release on October 19.