Karachi where Marijuana and all other types of drugs are illegal remains the second city in the world to consume the most cannabis. Karachi city almost consumes around 41.95 tonnes Cannabis according to reports from the Weed Index 2018. New York has taken the top Spot in the list with a consumption of 77.44 tonnes of Cannabis and New Delhi comes on third with a consumption of 38.26 tonnes of Cannabis.

The top list includes also includes Los Angeles, Cairo, Mumbai, London, Chicago, Moscow and Toronto as well.

Not only this time but Karachi was also ranked second in the year 2017 as the second largest consumer of Cannabis. Cannabis that is also popular across the world with the names Marijuana and weed and is being used among 120 countries at the time. According to reports by Seedo it has been said that an Israel Based company is selling devices which makes growing weed easy at home.

India our neighboring country has also managed to reach the top 10 list with two of its high end cities Mumbai and New Delhi with highest rate of Marijuana consumption and it has been confirmed by Seedo’s 2018 Cannabis Price Index.

It is said that South Asian countries have the cheapest Marijuana in the world and it sold of starting from Rs.100 to Rs.500 according to its quality and gramme.

This is to tell you people that don’t play with your lives Cannabis can kill you Stay Safe people!!!