Sound Diaries celebrates the passion for cricket with its latest release; ‘Jeet Ka Piyala’ by Karim Barolia. This song, created especially for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 promises to become the anthem of the World Cup for Pakistani cricket fans worldwide. The high-energy song, accompanied by an equally vibrant video, is to be played across multiple platforms during one of Cricket’s biggest global events. ‘Jeet Ka Piyala’ is the collective voice of enthusiastic Pakistani cricket fans, with their incredible cultural, social and religious diversity.


The song is composed and sung by Karim Barolia. “It’s a really grand production. The song offers an array of musical flavours, and is truly a fun, foot-tapping, sing-along piece that is sure resonate with the passionate cricket fans across the world”, said Karim. The song also has musical contributions from instrumentalists within Pakistan and abroad. Commenting on being the vocalist for this piece, he said “I have been producing music for several years, but this is the first time I ventured into singing, and I am overwhelmed by the amazing response”.

Lyrics for ‘Jeet Ka Piyala’, penned by Saddam Siddiqui and Nazia Zuberi Hassan, reflect the sentiments of all cricket-loving Pakistanis, who will unquestionably relate to the language and the very specific, identifiable phrases. The dynamic and engaging video directed by Bilal Habib, showcases a wide range of fantastic visuals, painstakingly filmed live on multiple locations, and captures the varied tapestry of Pakistani fans – all coming together in a passionate celebration of the game.

Aamish Hussain, co-founder of Sound Diaries, highlighted the distinctiveness of the song and how it is a labour of love for everyone involved. “We are very proud of ‘Jeet Ka Piyala’, it is an unadulterated reflection of the passion of the entire creative and production team, becoming larger than life even as we were filming,” said Aamish.

Vocalist Nazia Zuberi Hassan, who joins Sound Diaries as Creative Producer, expressed her delight in being a part of ‘Jeet Ka Piyala’ “Being involved in this project from the beginning, I’m really proud of the end product. I think the song is a real treat, not only for cricket fans but for all music lovers, who will definitely appreciate it’s striking elements”, said Nazia. Commenting on the video, she said, “The enormously talented team undertook extensive video shoot that truly captures the cricket fever gripping fans across the country, in the most vibrant and colourful locations”.

In the midst of many songs being released for the Cricket World Cup, ‘Jeet Ka Piyala’ stands out for its unique music and grand video. It is heartening to see a musical piece of such high quality having been created in Pakistan.