Renowned commercial/Film director Jami seems not happy with the current situation of the country.

Jami has decided to shift his family abroad

Due to current situation of  Pakistan in terms of Religiously or Politically things are not getting under control.

Director Jamshed Mahmood Raza aka Jami has tweeted on his social media

“Left US for Pak gave 20 years for cinema when there was none. Waited and now NO more!! Army GOvt IK they all in it – to burn us all down. My kids will not see this mess. Enough of darkness and waste of life. Eat ur faith”

In this tweet it is clearly mentioned that Jami is not happy with the current situation of Pakistan and that’s what he made a decision to settle his family abroad. He has been known for his patriotism, he has High hopes from the Government and from the PTI specially Imran Khan but as per his tweet sounds like he has given up.

Celebdhaba got in touch with Jamshed Mahmood Raza

“What we saw before Zia regime destroyed Pakistan, something beautiful. For 30 years i was hopeful one day all will be ok. But for sure Establishment Govt and Mullah wont let those beautiful days return. My kids cant live in that illusion that we all are ok and its fine because  its not fine at all. What we seeing right now is return of darkest times again. Our kid needs to see hope learn then return. But for now family has to find a hopeful lifestyle for sometime and i don’t leave Pakistan i meant my family.”

Its the time to think about it for the sake of the future of our country our kids and for the safety and security otherwise we also feel to lose our hope to live as an independent nation.