Kiran Tabeer will be seen in the upcoming drama serial ‘Uraan’ Kiran was last seen in the drama serial in Saaya and now she is back once again for this drama serial.

Kiran Tabeer revealed us the story of her upcoming drama she told us “The drama serial ‘Uraan’ is being directed by Zulfiqar Haider and it is written by Sabika Zulfiqar.” The drama is basically a story about a girl Tammana from a mountainous area who has a dream to become an actor however her parents get her engaged where she doesn’t want to marry soon she meets a tourist who uses her innocence and shows her a fool’s paradise the tourist takes Tammana to the city side and sells her off as a slave however she manages to escapes and meet Ali played by (Ali Josh) Ali is a producer in the drama serial and the duo fall in love the story includes their journey of love which is full of hurdles and how Tammana becomes an actor by the help of Ali.

Talking about the cast Kiran told us “the cast includes Ali Josh, Nimra Khan, Saba Faisal, Salman Faisal, Raheela Agha and many others.”

Sharing her experience on sets she told us “this role was very different for me as I have never done such roles, I’ll be playing a pathan girl and I had to cope up with the accent and body language so yes it was really different and interesting character for me.”


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