Coke Studio season 11 will be coming back next month and this time there is a surprise for all the people who love electronic dance music. An exclusive photo shared by Pakmanzil revealed that the famous Pakistani-American duo Krewella will be making their debut in season 11 of Coke Studio.

According to reports we have got to know that Krewella will be performing one song in Coke Studio with some local musicians and the song will be from the electronic genre. The photo that was shared by Pakmanzil shows Krewella posing with a bunch of musicians at the sets of Coke Studio. The edm sisters were also spotted at Jinnah International Airport when they were on their way back to the United States of America.


Krewella had visited Pakistan because they had planned a tour all over in Pakistan however that was not possible for the duo because of the political conditions of Pakistan and had to return to United States.

Krewella is a band made up by two Pakistani-American sisters , Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf. They usually perform all over the world in various music festivals where they showcase their EDM music.

This will be the first time when we will be seeing Coke Studio produce an EDM song, usually we get to see traditional music in the show.

Well this time Coke Studio has also released a pre- season show ‘Coke Studio Explorer’ where the two producers Ali Hamza and Zohaib Kazi will be seen travelling across Pakistan to explore some music stories. The two executive producers have reportedly collaborated with various music producers from all over the international music industry as well as the local industry.

Well this is all what we know about Krewella performing in the upcoming Coke Studio season well, once the show starts only then we’ll find out how good the song is produced by Krewella and Coke studio.