Lamhay is a story about love, betrayal, selfishness and the greed for money. Featuring Saima Noor, Noor-Ul-Hassan & Sarmad Khoosat in the lead roles the drama showcases a story of a complex family relationship. The drama is Directed by Asim Ali and is produced under the banner of Shuffler films. The drama’s script is penned down by Samra Bukhari.

The drama Lamhay shows us the story of a young beautiful woman Rushna (Saima Noor) who is married to a lower middle class man Sarwar (Sarmad Khoosat), who loves Rushna and tries to keep her happy but Rushna isn’t ready to make the compromise as she demands all her wants to fulfilled. Rajab (Noor-Ul-Hasan) who is Sarwar’s brother in Law returns from Dubai with her wife and they plan to stay at Sarwar’s place. That moment onwards Rushna thinks of a plan to attract Rajab’s attention with her beauty and get all her luxuries as Rajab was a wealthy man. Rajab falls in love with Rushna and he divorced his caring wife, Because of this Decision Rajab has to lose hid kids as well and Sarwar also divorced his wife Rushna.

Rajab and Rushna get married, and Rushna is living the life she craved for however things at Rajabs end were not so good as he starts missing his children and his wife of whom he has no trace. Sarwar with her sister shifts to another place due to all the things he had to go through because of Rushna’s acts.

Lamhay, The whole drama revolves around this common family issue and shows us how things can deteriorate in families. Now the question is what will happen next in the drama what decisions will the actors take will they save their household? To find out more about Lamhay make sure you guys watch it on Aplus entertainment every Monday at 8pm. We are loving the drama and we hope you guys will also love it.