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Selena Gomez breakup, Reviews of Justice league and much more, so here are the review for the top trending Gossips stories.

Selena Gomez has broken up with the Weekend.( Don’t get confused His name is weekend) The news erupted in October 2017,  after Selena was seen with Justin Bieber. Selena Gomez and The Weekend have been dating for the past 10 months. They were publicly spotted at the Met Gala 2017’s red carpet.

In the summer of this year, Selena had a kidney transplant and after that Justin Bieber was seen more sympathetic towards Selena. Now the news of breakup has been confirmed as both have unfollowed each other on Instagram Ta-da.


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Good news for the Fan of “Fifty shades” series as the third film in the lot will be releasing coming February 2018. The romantic connection between Christian Grey and Anastasia have grabbed the attention and interest of the fans so now they are eagerly waiting for the third and final part to be released.


DC comics released their master piece, “Justice League” in November 2017. The film received negative remarks from the critics. The film had bad visual effects. Critics claim that the film looked like an animated movie. Henry Cavil had a mustache during the shoot and it was removed using effects. Well the reason he couldn’t take the mustache off was because he had other shooting commitments.

Prince Harry got engaged with the love of his life, “Meghan Markle”. Meghan is three years older than him so he kind of broke the age factor taboo. Prince Harry is the son of Prince Charles and Lady Dianna whereas Meghan is a famous American model and actress who also appeared in a well known TV series, “Suits”.


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