After the tremendous success of their first spell, Levi’s® announces the return of Levi’s® Live Round
Two, staying true to its vision of reviving Live music in Pakistan, honing the talent this nation has to offer and providing
them with a platform to achieve their dream to step into the Pakistani Music Industry. Levi’s® believes in the youth of the
nation, in promoting the arts and highlight what our country has to offer. Levi’s® Live is a realization of that belief. Levi’s®
Live Season two will feature a new format, a bigger team with a focus to reach a larger audience for its musicians.

Levi’s announces the return of Levi’s Live Round Two

Mir Zia Mahmood, Country Director, Levi Strauss Pakistan on the launch of Season Two of Levi’s® Live said,” Over the last
couple of years, Levi’s® has played an integral part in reviving “Live” music and promoting young Artists in Pakistan. I am
very excited on the launch of Levi’s® Live Round Two on a new format in partnership with “Riot Studios”. We will release
five music videos directed by Farhad Hamayun and have five live shows featuring young and talented music artists. First
video will be released after Ramzan and will be followed by a live performance, I wish success to the whole team of Riot
Production and Artists for a great and fulfilled round two – Live in Levi’s®.”