As L’Oréal approaches its 10-year celebrations in Pakistan, the beauty company opened the doors of its new office for a launch event, inviting its partners, clients, media community and network that have been part of the journey. The office located at the Dolmen Corporate Block, situated at the sea front of Clifton, Karachi, offers exhilarating views of the Arabian Sea. Aside from the captivating views, the new office includes an in-house Beauty Academy for professional training, as well as a Studio which acts as a content factory.

Speaking on the occasion, the Managing Director of L’Oréal Pakistan, Musharaf Hai said: “The global commitment of Sharing Beauty with All is integrated into the design and work style. The atmosphere is more like a campus, to connect, inspire and co-create keeping consumers at the heart. The campus reflects a digital generation and a digital mindset. We want our people to walk in feeling “it is the place to be”.

The new office promotes a responsible workspace and reinforces L’Oréal’s Global sustainability program, “Sharing Beauty with All”. Elements including daylight power saving enabled by utilization of natural lighting, waste sorting for recycling, water conservation initiatives along with barrier-free access for people with disabilities are all a testament of the company’s commitment towards sustainability