Vj turned Actress Madiha Imam is seems busy in her schedule, But she shared exclusively some scoop with celebdhaba about her upcoming project Pal do Pal’ which is   Produced by Wajahat Rauf, Director : the director of the much anticipated film Chupan Chupai: Mohsin Ali.

Madiha Imam features in a serial Pal do Pal with Furqan Qureshi and Sami khan

Celebdhaba got in touch with Madiha Imam: Main plot of the story is about a girl Naina, who fall in love with her cousin and how she goes to those problem with family. Actually its a love story and based on a very light mood, it has little bit everything, It has friendship, it has the element where you dont like certain people in your university and how you face that element, there is also a relation ship showed between father and daughter, then there is a dispute between families, so it has a little bit of everything Friendship, love, fight etc, but over all its a love story there are some twist happening scenes so you need to wait to know  what will happen next for that you have to watch this serial.

Pal do pal is expecting to release next year, channel has not decided yet to onair this drama.

Produced Wajahat Rauf,

Director by: Mohsin Ali.

Starring: Madiha Imam, Sami Khan and Furqan Qureshi.
Script by: Faiza Iftekhar