Maham Aamir Will Be Seen In The Upcoming Horror Romantic Drama

Maham Aamir will be playing the role of a ghostly spirit (Jinn) named Adeena.  The drama serial will be directed by Tehseen Khan and it will be produced by Babar Javed with a script written by Faisal Manzoor.

Speaking about her character Maham Aamir told us “Basically I will be playing the role of Jinn named ‘Adeena’ and as we know there are many types of Jinn’s in our religion and I will be playing the Jinn of Ifrat a Jinn that has the power to do anything and it is very beautiful as well, My character is Badass and if I hate someone ill make sure I kill the person and If I fall in love with someone ill make sure that person is mine.”


Speaking about the story she said “The story is about a Jinn and a girl basically the Jinn played by Ali Josh falls in love with the girl and he does let her live happily and that is when I get resurrected to this world and what happens next is that I fall in love with the Jinn and make sure he is mine.”


Looks like the actor have encountered some paranormal things on set sharing with us Maham said “the working experience was great and we shot at some places which looked really haunted at the middle of the nights though we were warned by people not to shoot late at nights but we had to and it seemed as if things were surrounded with us but working together with the team helped us in overcoming our fears.”

The Horror romantic drama’s title has still not been revealed to us however it will be soon coming out on APlus.