Maira Khan be seen in the upcoming film Japanese Connection alongside Humayun Ashraf and Ghana Ali. The film script has been penned by Tanveer Jamal, he will also be producing the directing the film himself whereas the film will be co-produced by some foreign producers who are from England.

Speaking to us Maira revealed “Well the film is still under the works and I can gurantee you the film will be full of action as you guys are will be seeing some fights, speed chases and many other action packed things in the film that will surely blow your minds.”

Speaking about her character she further added on “I will be playing the role of a gangster and you guys will be seeing me in all the action packed events including the motorboats, ice skiing and I’m really hyped for the rest of the films shooting.”

“Thirty percent of the film has been shot here in Karachi and the rest of the seventy percent film will be shot in Japan, uptil now the working experience has been great and as I told you the film is full of action we really had a great time shooting at the Karachi port where we did stunts with all those heavy bikes and that is one reason to have high expectations from this film as it will be Pakistan’s first ever full flesh action film.”

The film is currently in the works and shooting is yet to take place in Japan, the makers are scheduling the film for a release by the end of this year.