Mansha Pasha

Mansha Pasha’s next claims to enter a new genre of Lollywood!

Films are a medium of telling stories. Of course, there are some which are just meant for the sole purpose of entertainment (the JPNA franchise), but the ones that stay close to our hearts for a long time are the films that mean something to us.

Stories we watch on screen are all based on fixed templates. If you are a film buff, then chances are you watch every movie that comes across your way.

Mansha Pasha of Chalay Thay Sath fame is all set for her second film. The untitled film tends to be one of its kind.


The makers are tapping into a new genre of Pakistani cinema. Mansha told Celebdhaba during the course of this interview.

Mansha Pasha

The film is set in Karachi. Directed by Kamal Khan, the project is produced by Kamil and Haniya Chima. Apart from Mansha, the cast includes Ahmed Ali Akbar, Ali Kazmi, Saleem Mairaj and Rashid Faroqui.

Mansha Pasha

On the professional front, Kamal Khan has produced music videos earlier. He won a Lux style award for D/A Method music video. Khan’s portfolio includes popular names such as Zoe Viccaji and Strings. Besides, he did a campaign for Chocolicious as well. The film is shot by Mo Azmi who did cinematography for Cake.

We are all very excited and curious to know how people will respond. It’s a genre which men will surely enjoy.

The name of the project will be revealed next month.