Cooking show host turned singer, Junii Zeyad has recently released an improvised version of Pankaj Udas popular ghazal ‘Sharab Cheez Hi Aisi Hai’ and we don’t have any doubts in saying that the presence of ethereal beauty, Maria Wasti added further charm to it.

The song opened with an interesting narration by Maria Wasti, followed by catchy vocals by Junii Zeyed.

Shot in a Parsi house in Karachi, the video features Maria Wasti as a beautiful lady clad in traditional gharara. As far as the music and vocals are considered, it is certainly a risky attempt to pick a classy number of a ghazal maestro, Pankaj Udas but after listening to the song we can surely say that Junii Zeyad has done a good job.

The video features Maria Wasti as a beautiful lady clad in traditional gharara

This the first time that the versatile actress, Maria Wasti, has made an appearance in a music video. The actress while sharing about her experience in a interview with a local website said:

“The experience was not bad at all. It was the kind of work we usually do when shooting for a drama, story boards are made and you know what the shots are and you follow everything precisely. Its not very different but it is interesting, because obviously there is music involved. The shoot was short and sweet, didn’t take much time as the director Umaima knew what needed to be done.”

She also mentioned that she did the song only for his good friend, Juni Zeyad.

“Well yes, if I like the song or the singer I would definitely want to. Junii is a friend of mine and he was doing this for the first time so I wanted to encourage and support him as far as this one is concerned. This song is close to his heart as his father who passed was fond of this Ghazal so there’s emotions attached and I hope it comes out nicely and people like it,” she stated.