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Maria Wasti starts shooting for Shehr-e-Malal!

Long gone are the days when females were casted into dramas because the man needed a prop. Times have changed and the women don’t need to be rescued by the male protagonist anymore.

In an art form that largely casts men in the lead roles and women as supporting cast, there have been some memorable dramas that deviated from the norm and depicted strong women characters which left a mark on the society and became an inspiration to many.

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TNI productions next “Shehr-e-Malal” is an upcoming drama serial which features Maria Wasti as the lead protagonist.

The project is helmed by Furqan Adam and written by Saadia Akhtar. The cast includes Shahood Alvi, Zainab Qayyum (ZQ) and many others.

Maria Wasti has done remarkable work in the business and continues to inspire us with her great acting. Wasti has a reputation for being assertive, and is recognized for her contributions to the drama industry through her style and choice of unique scripts.

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Speaking to Celebdhaba, Maria revealed exclusive details about her role:

The plot revolves around my character “Tabinda” who possess a dictatorial personality. Life hasn’t been a bed of roses for her. The character has different shades to it; she is strong, vulnerable and at times stubborn. It’s very easy to judge a woman without knowing her journey.

What pain, agony and struggle she would have gone through to gain acceptance for herself in life, where she has become strong and how she takes on life at this point.

Tabinda’s journey has been shown through different phases (saga) of life. There was a point where she was being loved by someone with whom she couldn’t marry. Yet she meets the same person again in a phase where she is already married.

Now that is sometimes strong women aren’t the usual corporate or slogan-chanting ones we think of. Strong women come in all shapes and sizes.

Shehr-e-Malal is the tale of a strong woman whose power is her grace as she transforms her life and of those around her. She handles the circumstances with utmost intelligence.

We have just started shooting and it’s really fun on the sets already. It’s always a blessing to have a good team and production house for better return on investments.

The drama industry is going through a stereotype phase where more or less every channel is showcasing the same content. The winning point of any serial is its script. The twist and turns in Shehr-e-Malal made me say yes to it.

Shehr-e-Malal promises to be a high dose of entertainment. I hope the audience’s will surely appreciate all our hard work.

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