Sony’s and Marvel’s Venom has got itself the first teaser trailer and it has hit the internet. Well the teaser does not have any shot of the Anti-spider man but it shows what a rough time Tom hardy is going through. In the trailer we can see that Tom hardy is going through Painful moments in a hospital which then turns him into the dark creature Venom.

We all know that Venom is the most fascinating character in the Marvel Universe and also the comic book, he has also been seen in action in Sam Raimi’s film but that film was not received so well. And now Sony means doing business that is why they also hired an experienced actor to Ace the role of Venom played by Tom Hardy.

Venom is basically a parasitic symbiote which gets stucks to spidey’s body and makes him aggressive and a bit seductive, but spidey the guy who is noble thinks of getting rid of it but the symbiote then gets stuck to Peter Parkers arch rival Eddie Brock, However we have still not found out that if this Venom movie is scripted in the same universe as Tom Hollands spider man was. And there is still no clue of how Tom Hardy will get his symbiote this is all gonna be a mystery.

While the teaser does not show us Venom, we get a look at the gruesome symbiote. The film is very dark toned and the teaser shows us some disturbing moments. Venom has a very dark humored character but that would not be proven until the film comes out.

The final shot in the teaser shows us the glimpse of the symbiote and the face of Venom which turns into the Logo. The teaser is all about Tom hardy transforming into Venom which Sam Raimi’s film completely missed. This is all we could find about Venom. Venom will be releasing on October 5 2018.