Maryam Pereira storyline Ahsan Khan will be seen in the upcoming Drama serial ‘‘Maryam Pereira ’’ the drama serial is basically a social experiment on how the minorities are treated in the society. Ahsan Khan was last seen in the famous Drama serial Udaari which released back in 2016 and after a long gap Ahsan Khan is back once again with three big projects , ‘Maryam Pereira ’, Alif and Aangan.

‘Maryam Pereira ’ will be airing on TV One and PTV.

We asked Ahsan Khan about ‘MaryamPereira ’ and he told us

“Basically this play’s idea was designed by Seema Tahir and yes I’m also the producer with her. Maryam Pereira is a message for the people who treat the minorities in such a way as if they had no contributions to the society, the way we treat Christians just because of their professions or because of their low castes. Mostly Christians in Pakistan are Sweepers and we use such words for them that would really hurt someone. For example we use the word ‘Chooraa’ a word that would describe someone as a dirty person and I am against that, we call people racist when they do such things in different countries but aren’t we doing the same things?”

Ahsan Khan Further added on “I will be playing the role of supporting the Christian community when they are getting suppressed by a group of people and I try to do everything I can to help him, There’s this girl I help and she’s a Christian, my family is against me in the drama serial but I just want to help others.”

The cast of the drama serial includes Ahsan Khan, Sadia Khan in the lead role, Ayub Khoosa, Rasheed Naz, Seemi Raheel, Laila Zubairi, Imaad Irfaani and many others in pivotal roles. Directed by Iqbal Hussain who recently directed the drama serial Khuggi.

This drama serial will spreading out a message of awareness to all the people who treat the minorities in such ways and maybe this drama serial would be an eye opener for everyone. Pakistan is a country where everyone is free to practice their religion,  Pakistan is the land of free and everyone has their right to live their life accordingly.

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