Meera returns to the silver screen with a big bang!

Life does give you second chances. In Lollywood, it takes more than once-a-star status to make a comeback and sustain it. Actors need to realize that in the time that they’ve not been around, the audience has changed. They can’t start from where they left off. If an actor doesn’t do films in a while, it damages their careers big-time.

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Our very own Meera is all set for a grand comeback to Lollywood with her next film titled ‘Baaji’

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It marks the big screen directorial debut of Saqib Malik. Meera plays a fading Lollywood star in the film. Interestingly, Meera has chosen a project where she could play her age.

Saqib has co-written the film with Irfan Ahmed Urfi. ‘Baaji’ tends to be unique due to its story line.

‘Baaji’ aims to be a commercial potboiler that has all the right mix of ingredients.

The film offers an ensemble cast that includes Amna Ilyas, Osman Khalid Butt, Mohsin Abbas Haider, and Ali Kazmi in pivotal roles. Besides veteran actors Nisho and Nayyar Ejaz will portray important supporting roles.

Speaking to Celebdhaba the cast of the film revealed important details about the film.

Mohsin Abbas Haider

It was great working with Saqib, earlier we did TV commercials together. Saqib always liked my worked and promised me to cast me in his film whenever he makes one. I am thankful to him for keeping his promise and believing in my talent.

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Just Like That ♌

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It was a great learning and fun experience. Saqib will be doing a press conference to announce the details of the film. The title “Baaji” has been finalized. We have almost completed the shoot; just a few sequences are left to be shot.

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The film is unique due to its story. One thing which I liked about the film is that all the characters are important to the film; it doesn’t rely on any single character, giving each actor equal chance to show the best of his/her ability.


I play the lead protagonist in the film. As of now we are shooting the last schedule of the film. The audiences will surely get a treat to watch.

Amna Ilyas

‘Baaji’ is a basically a social drama – thriller. The film has really turned out very well.

As of now we have to shoot a song sequence within a couple of days. It looks promising and we all are very excited.

Baaji will hit the screens in 2019.