Meera’s younger sister, Syeda Shahista Abbas is all set to make her television debut with a classic play on TV One, opposite the very dashing Shehroz Sabzwari.

Titled as Seep, the drama has been produced by Seema Tahir and directed by Barkat Siddiqui of ‘Mujhe Khuda Per Yaqeen Hai’ fame.

A corporate lawyer by profession, Shahista has been selective while choosing her debut drama. After rejecting so many scripts, she has finally given her approval for a role that touches her heart.

“In past, I was offered a lot films and dramas but I refused them because I wanted to concentrate on my studies. I was in Dublin when Barkat Siddiqui contacted me for this role. I found it really challenging and fell in love with it,” Shahista said.

So what was the most interesting thing about that character?

“It’s a role of young naïve girl, who is bound by so many restrictions. She is not allowed to step out of her house, watch television or read newspapers. Even she has been forced to left studies after getting basic education,” Shahista revealed about her character in an exclusive conversation with Celeb Dhaba.

Shahista’s co-star in the drama, Shehroz Sabzwari was also equally excited for the project as it gave him a chance to come out of his comfort shell and to do something really challenging.

“It’s a lovely drama and the story is based on nawabs where I play the role of son of their munshi (accountant), he added.

“Our shoot is almost completed and I have kept high hopes from it. I really wish it turns out to be good,” he said in the end.

The studded cast of the drama included Tara Mehmood, Sana Fakhar, Usman Peerzada, Dia Mughal, Saba Khan and Fareeha Altaf. It is expected to air on TV One soon.