Mehmood Aslam is all set to return to the silver screen after a hiatus of 28 years in the upcoming flick TEEFA IN TROUBLE.

Mehmood Aslam truly captures the essence of the name and its heritage. BUTT Sahab; a food lover, a family man; a man to be feared and revered!

Speaking about his return to the silver screen, Mehmood Aslam has said,

“Films are like a University! When you finish school and college and then when you start your University life, the grandeur of it all is just something else. I was a newbie back in 1987 when I worked in my first movie project. I was an ambitious man and I was focused, I wanted to do good work, play strong characters and I did for 3 to 4 years but to be honest, for me the movies coming out during that time weren’t up to the cinematic mark. They were formula movies and there was no depth whatsoever so I respectfully decided to go back to doing Television shows. I was offered various movie roles during this time but they didn’t really appeal me – however, I still remember the day when I met Ahsan Rahim and he asked me to play the character of BUTT Sahab in TEEFA IN TROUBLE. He told me about Ali Zafar and how much effort he is putting into the movie and when he told me the story, I was sold! After 28 years I finally got the role which I always wanted to play. Mere ander ka Mehmood Aslam jag gaya! I am just really happy that I said yes and it was an amazing experience working with Ahsan Rahim and Ali Zafar and I have complete faith that this movie will set new industry precedent!”

Directed by Ahsan Rahim, the film also features Maya Ali as the leading lady Anya, the inimitable actor and icon Javed Sheikh, the brilliant Faisal Qureshi and talented Fia Khan with emerging actor Mahenur Haider making their silver screen debuts, with the remaining cast to be revealed soon.