Michael B Jordan Superman

Michael B Jordan has opened up about all the rumors regarding his roles in the future. Well it has been speculated that Michael B Jordan will be playing the role of young Morpheus in Matrix 4 or the role of a Black Superman named Calvin Ellis. Michael B Jordan has been linked with the superman role since a long time.

In a recent interview Jordan said “Honestly, I’ve been rumored to play Morpheus, to Superman, to Duck Tales reboot, to Power Ranges, and everything in between, So it’s like, I’m kinda used to the rumors I’m playing something, but anything that I do dive in to has gotta be done the right way.”

He further added on “It has to be full of authenticity. I’m a fan of comic books, you know? I understand, you know, the fans being upset at ‘Oh, no why are they doing this and why are they changing that?’ I would feel the same way about certain things. So just know if I ever were to dabble in anything, it would be authentic and something that I feel like people would really support.”

Actor Producer Michael B Jordan is looking to forward to play the role of Superman and the actor has also been in discussion with Warner Bros for the project. Well that’s not Michael has also proposed a script to Warner Bros giving them an idea for the next superman film.

Well Michael B Jordan is going to be playing a real life superhero in the film Just Mercy.