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Mira Sethi finds her Mr. Right!

‘Saat Din Mohabbat In’ actor Mira Sethi on Tuesday announced her engagement to her long time beau Bilal Siddiqui  in a heartfelt Instagram post.

Mira Sethi honeymoon

Penning down her tale full of love and adventures with her now-fiancé, Mira sheds light on how all of it was unfolded.

mira sethi wedding

“In the spring of 2017, a tall, funny, curly-haired dude walked into my life. I’d known this curly-haired dude all my life — in the way you know your parents’ friends’ kids — but we’d never sought each other out. (Weirdly enough, Bilal and I overlapped at Oxford in 2008—he was doing his PhD, I was spending my junior year abroad. But we never looked each other up, never bumped into each other in that tiny cobbled town.),” she wrote.

Mira Sethi Honeymoon pics
Mira Sethi Honeymoon pics

The actor goes on to write: “Almost a decade later, we met in Lahore on a warm February evening. We vaguely agreed to meet for dinner sometime.”

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“A few days later we were at Spice Bazaar, and it was suddenly cold again. Bilal asked what I’d been upto: he nodded across the table and asked gentle, probing questions. Lots of questions. In between licking mutton kunna gravy from my fingers, I found myself answering his questions with an openness and ease I hadn’t encountered in myself in a long time. Later, we sat in the garden of my house and played with Max. My brother joined us. The three of us talked. Bilal dug his hand inside Max’s mouth and pulled out a sharp branch. Max was all over him.”

The actress shared photos from her engagement

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Mira is the daughter of journalists Najam Sethi and Jugnu Mohsin. Her brother Ali Sethi is a famous singer and writer.

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Celebdhaba wishes Mira and Bilal all the very best!