We have great news for all those who would like to make luxury over the top events, weddings, shows, parties! One of the world’s best luxury event planners are in town.
Yes!! Misa Vu has officially launched in Pakistan just to bring your parties, weddings and events to the next level.

Misa Vu The Luxury Event Planners Are In K Town

EVENT – DANG DUONG COSMETIC from Misa Vu Luxury Events on Vimeo.

Misa Vu has originated from Saigon Vietnam, and the company specializes in event design, planning & management internationally. With 10 years of experience, Misa Vu focus on making hi-end, unique, exclusive and extravaganza events for the clients. A perfect combination between modern technology and craftsmanship together with innovative creative mindset is the key to make each and every event of Misa Vu unique, one of a kind for each client.

“LA VIE EN ROSE” by Misa Vu – Main from Misa Vu Luxury Events on Vimeo.

“LOVE IN THE AIR” by Misa Vu – Main from Misa Vu Luxury Events on Vimeo.

Misa Vu always customize your event concepts and designs from your personalities, hobbies, lifestyles, family traditions, organization core values and cultures to make sure that the event must represent yourselves but in a much more larger scale. In another words, Misa Vu will bring your imaginations to live, Misa Vu will make your dreams come true!

Nam Lê & Mai Ngọc MC — The Wedding from Misa Vu Luxury Events on Vimeo.

Misa Vu has a business scope which specializes in planning, designing, organizing and executing for hi-end personal, corporate events, cultural events, production activities and many more. To avail all the services provided by Misa Vu in Pakistan visit their office at Kashir Centre, Suite 601, 6th floor, Main Shahrah-E-Faisal Karachi.

Misa Vu – ShowReel – 2014 from Misa Vu Luxury Events on Vimeo.

Wedding – GALAXARIUM – Trailer – Misa Vu Luxury Events from Misa Vu Luxury Events on Vimeo.

The gateway to luxury events has opened up in Pakistan and don’t miss the chance to make your events uniquely memorable.

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For more Information contact: 03013218888
Email address : A@misavu.com
Postal address : Suite 601, 6th Floor,
Kashif Center, Main Shahrah e Faisal,
Karachi -75500- Pakistan