Misbah Mumtaz has recently undergone a Rhinoplasty or nose job and the supermodel has just shared her views about it.

We asked her on how she planned on getting a nose job and she replied “Well as we all know we models get criticized and I have been through it too, sometimes I was criticized for having a big nose so this was one reason I got a nose job, I’m the first model from Hunza and there’s no such thing as woman modelling and showcasing themselves however I worked hard and achieved my dreams also I did not want my nose to be a weakness as I plan on converting my weaknesses into my strengths and that is why I got a nose job.”

She further added on “On certain shoots we get criticized and that is reason we undergo surgeries to stop all the criticism but the surgeries are also filled with risk and this was not my first surgery this was my second surgery, first one was a disaster.”

Talking about her Facebook post about her surgery, Misbah said “The modelling industry is filled with jealousy and our co-models or colleagues guide us wrong just because they don’t want anyone succeeding them plus we don’t have such good surgeons in Pakistan however I posted on Facebook because there is nothing bad in getting alterations in you.”

Misbah Mumtaz ended the debate with “there’s no harm in getting these things done, people get hair transplants and even if we follow people from Hollywood or Bollywood and its really common over there’s nothing bad in it.”