Tell us about WEModel ?

WEModel USA is a platform my business partner Patricia and I have been working on for months. Patricia has strong ties to the fashion industry and is also the Acting Chief of Science and Technology at the US Department of State. The platform is geared at bringing awareness to social issues through the fashion industry, namely modeling. The “WE” in WEModel stands for “Women Empowerment” and our campaign in 2018 will focus on the plague that is Human Trafficking.

What inspired you?

I moved to New York City last summer when I returned from Karachi to continue my legal work. As promised, I’m doing my best to strike a balance between acting and law.
A few months back, I was invited to the “Brooklyn Conference: Inspiring Social Change” attended by reputable activists and artists such as rapper Black Thought, founder of Women’s March Linda Sarsour, founder of #blacklivesmatter Alicia Garza and the likes. It was amazing! It gave me the motivation I needed to think outside the box.

Why Human Trafficking?

Football! American Football. Stay with me, I swear it’s relevant! I missed out on the 2016 season since I was in Pakistan and was contemplating attending the Suporbowl in 2018. I started looking into tickets and came across an article discussing the Super Bowl and Human Trafficking. I’d have to conduct more research before making a conslusion, but it is said that the Super Bowl is the single largest trafficking incident in America. It’s not that someone becomes a victim at the Superbowl but many existing victims are used and sold at the event. Many host cities have even taken initiative to combat the negative effects of trafficking around the event but there is much that needs to be done. Beyond that, human trafficking is a global issue that needs awareness. In fact, Pakistan is a Tier 2 Watchlist country on the Trafficked Persons Report. So I certainly expect support from the Pakistani community, particularly from the government and entertainment industry.

Because human trafficking is an issue that is far beyond the smuggling of people. It’s the exploitation of the mind, body, and soul. And it can have devastating effects on the economy as well. I hope we can come together and ensure a more humane future for us all.