Muqabil star Mohsin Abbas Haider’s next venture is Kashif Nisar’s much-awaited drama serial, Lashkara.

Written by the veteran Zafar Mairaj, it shows an interesting love triangle of youngsters belonging to interior Lahore.

We recently caught up with Mohsin Abbas Haider who revealed some details about his role in the drama.

“My character’s name in drama is Feeka – he is silly, innocent and apple of his mother’s eye. By profession, he is a pakora-seller but life takes a turn for better and he soon becomes rich. His story takes a turn when he falls in love with the most beautiful girl (played by Ushna Shah) in muhallah and it is his love for her brings about some major transformation in his personality,” he said.

‘Feeka is silly, innocent and apple of his mother’s eye: Mohsin Abbas Haider

The actor is super excited for his role in the drama as it challenges him as an artist and gives him an opportunity to show off his diverse acting talent.

“It’s a wonderful project and I have high hopes from it. It’s one of those roles that I always want to do in my life as it satisfy the theatrical actor hidden within me,” he said

Haider while praising the writer said that the powerful script is the soul of this drama.

“Zafar Mairaj sahib has jotted down a beautiful script and I really hope that we, (as artists) can do justice to his words, he added.

The actor also told us that many new faces would be introduced in the drama.

“We have some young actors from theatre working in the play including Omer and Mehrbano  – and I must say that they have done a remarkable job. I really enjoy working with them, even Kashif bhai supports young talent as he believes that they give boost to your work and we feel motivated in their presence,” he added.

The studded cast of the drama also included Saba Faisal, Ahmed Abdul Rehman, Imran Ashraf, Saba Hamid, Noorul Hasan and Anum Tahir. Almost 90 % shoot of the drama has already completed and it is expected to air on ARY Digital soon.