Yasir Akhtar, is all set to strike back with yet another trendsetting series of films called “Multinational Films”. First of it’s kind. The multi-talented star behind countless iconic productions and songs will soon be releasing the first film of this series “Azaad”, completely shot in London. “Azaad” is a presentation Pegasus Productions. MultiNational Films will be shot in the UK, USA, U.A.E, Pakistan and at other fascinating locations in the world. The project will be centred around different stories on various subjects and will engage talent from various locales in the world.

I decided to do something which can merge many cross border talents and stories. Having lived in Pakistan and now in the UK, I believe that so much can be shared by merging new and reknowned talents and depicting cultural issues faced by many silently. My goal is to shine light to these cultural divides, and give the audience a taste of international story telling. “MultiNational Films” will be a start of a new era, a new trend and style of productions. Says Yasir Akhtar

Yasir will cast experienced artists and will be introducing new faces to the media industry from Pakistan and abroad. Each film will be of approximately 100 minutes duration. The films will be aired on various TV channels and platforms across the world on special occasions.

The internationally acclaimed singer, actor, director and producer Yasir Akhtar’s recent songs Sansani was shot in Turkey, Take it Easy in London, AssalamuaAlaika Ya Nabi (SAW) filmed in Pakistan has gained immense popularity and gained millions of online views. Yasir Akhtar is one of the very few singers of Pakistan who has a profile on BBC Music.