Greg Russo the screenwriter for the Mortal Kombat film has revealed that the upcoming Mortal Kombat will be R-Rated. Russo shared this news on twitter and he also included In the post that the film will also be featuring fatalities and all the dramatic finishing moves that we see in the new Mortal Kombat Games.

He wrote “Since it’s already been stated by other members of the team, I’m gonna put this one to bed. MK WILL be R-Rated and for the first time EVER, FATALITIES will FINALLY be on the big screen (and no I’m not gonna say which ones). You’ll just have to wait for the movie and see.”

Simon Mcquide will be directing the film and uptil now it has been revealed that Joe Talism as Sub-Zero a character as Sub-Zero the character who fights with ice. James Wan is producing the movie along with Michael Clear, Todd Garner and Jeremy Stein.

The previous venture of Mortal Kombat came out in 1995 film, the movie followed some of the game characters like Johnny cage, Liu Kang who are invited to a tournament on a mysterious island to find out what their fate relies at the end of the tournament.

The first film was followed by a sequel Mortal Kombat: Annihilation which released in 1997 and the upcoming film will be a reboot of the first part. Mortal Kombat: Reboot does not have a release date and further details are yet to come out.