Mustufa Qureshi And Hina Dilpazir To Been Seen In Short Film ‘Prem Park’

Veteran Actor Mustufa Qureshi will be seen alongside Hina Dilpazir for the first time in a short film titled as ‘Prem Park’ the upcoming short film that will be on Youtube in no time has been written and directed by Mustufa Qureshi’s son Amir Qureshi.

Speaking to us Amir said “I have worked in many drama serials and many films but now I planned to move towards directing films in this time span people did not cast me and my father together so I decided to cast my father in my short film.”

He further added on “I noticed that we don’t have the concept of short films here in Pakistan so I decided to fill this gap, to direct short films which have a strong message and to get selected for different film festivals all around the world.”

Talking about Prem Park he said “the shooting of the short film is completed and today we will be recording the OST of the short film I have moved one step ahead from everyone else I decided to give this short film a song of its own which is written by me and it will be sung by Irfan Saleem.”

Amir Qureshi says this film is a love story and giving us a message that love does not have any age it can be found in any age and the Short film will be released next Sunday on Amir Qureshi’s YouTube channel MAQ Media Entertainment.