One should always hone your strengths and capitalize on them and that is exactly what Qavi Khan, and Shayan Khan do to tickle the audiences funny bone till the end! Grab you seats and be ready for a laughter ride!

Na Band Na Baraati: Laugh out loud!

The film starts with a bang when debonair actor Shayan Khan‘s entry is made, very impressive for a first timer. He comes in and drops 4 bullies to the ground, only to be shown vulnerable the very next day under his father Qavi Khan’s classic Pakistani dad style anger, which come with threats of physical assaults but amount to nothing.
Mikaal Zulfiqar also makes a dapper hero entry, by knocking out two goons and saving the love of his live (spoiler alert), he goes on to marry her later. The most impressive part about Mikaal was his wardrobe, seems to be very classy.
Ali Kazmi is playing the super crazy mechanic and who say dreams about the love of his life.
Mahmood Akhtar has done a decent job for a first time director, however he was awesome as Aisha’s dad.
Atiqa Odho shines as usual and is playing the sting single mother role. Her re entry was very well placed and was a full on comic scene!
Nayab Khan, Komal Farooqi, and the rest of the cast did a very good job keeping the story flowing.
The film has awesome location, a beautifully flowing story, and an ensemble cast of hotness!  Now for the bad part: the songs could’ve been filmed way better, direction could’ve been improved a bit, and makeup and hair was lacking but won’t say it was totally bad for a first time film director and co-director who’s barely started his career.
The producer also a first time film maker Zain Farooqi, seems to be very aggressive in spending on quality production, and post production.
With all of the short comings and given that this film is shot completely abroad, I would give an extra point for effort.
Overall score: