No matter where you live in the world, you will get all latest updates on your finger tips by just using Social media; Facebook, twitter, Instagram, tumbler , youtube etc.

Social influence marketing is more than a billion dollar industry, according to estimates from research firm eMarketer. Advertisers spent $570 million on Instagram influencers alone in 2016, eMarketer estimates, and half of them said they planned to increase their influencer budgets in 2017. 

Not only Hollywood but many Pakistani celebrities have their own official account too, some of them have their own youtube channels as well and they are earning hell loads of money. We just got in touch with our very own and everyone`s favorite morning show Queen Nadia Khan who recently has just launched her youtube channel with the name of ‘Outstyle’ which encounters health, beauty, fitness and mostly about latest trends in Fashion, all about happenings and VLOG channels.


I got phenomenal response from my youtube channel ‘Outstyle’ and I’m now in the international market because of Outstyle  and I’m getting response like I never had before

Social media  is the requirement of the modern world, it’s all over the world, YouTube has taken over the media ,If you wanted to be  a star you don’t need  Talent management company  neither any TV channels, you can just sit at home show your work to the world, and let them decide either  you are star or not. This YouTube channel is the real future of social media now a days, I have seen after a while in Pakistan people are using now social media like Instagram , YouTube

To be honest we are far away from the west, they are becoming super stars every day and earning millions, billions of rupees. says Nadiakhan

Nadia is trendsetter and influncer celebrity in Pakistan

Nadia is a trendsetter and influenced celebrity not only in Pakistan, she resides in UAE now a days where she does her outstyle videos too.

We wish her good luck to her this new youtube channel venture.