Namrah Shahid and Feroz Khan will be starring in the upcoming drama serial ‘Romeo Weds Heer’  the upcoming drama serial is directed by Anjum Shahzad and it is penned by Dr. Younis Butt, produced under the banner of 7th sky productions. Anjum Shahzad once again chose Feroz khan and Sana Javed for the lead roles after the success of Khaani. However Namrah Shahid will be playing a pivotal role in the drama serial. We dont know the complete story uptil now however Namrah Shahid has shared some details with us.

We asked Namrah Shahid about her character in the upcoming drama serial and the actor told us “I will be playing the character of Shahnze, who is going to be the family friend of Romeo, Romeo will be played by Feroz Khan.” She further added on “Romeo belongs to a very rich and well educated family and at the start of the drama serial you’ll get to see me as Romeo’s friend, Romeo’s mother loves me and there’s a twist in the story where I become Romeo’s fiancé. So the whole drama serial is packed with twists and it’s also a light comedy.”

Talking to her about the director and Co-star Feroz Khan she said “Anjum Shahzad is a great director and his skills are amazing and I enjoy working with him a lot, and not only this I’m also doing another project with him called ‘Inaam’.” She further added on “ Feroz Khan is one of the best actor and is also a very hard working actor, he has that natural acting style which turns him into a gem for the Pakistani drama industry.”

Apart from this the drama also stars Sana Javed in the lead role and Syed Shafaat Ali and the internet scensation who became famous with his Imran Khan Mimicry. The OST of drama is done by Sahir Ali Bhaga, The upcoming drama serial will be airing on Geo Entertainment. Let’s see if Sana Javed and Feroz Khan once again ace their on screen love story.