Nausheen Shah will be seen in the upcoming drama serial by Ary Digital ‘Khudparast’. Directed by Aabiz Raza the drama will be showing us the weak side of girls who are scared of her Parents In Law and go through a tough time. The drama is being produced by Fahad Mustufa and Dr. Ali Kazmi. The script of the drama has been penned by Radain Shah. Nausheen Shah shared some details about her character with us.

Nausheen Shah told us “Ill be playing the character of beenish, who is the soul of this drama serial, she has a very positive character however she is scared of her in laws. The girl  wants nothing but the best for her family,” She further added on “I personally don’t appreciate girls with no abilities to stand up for them self, I am nothing like Beenish in personal like maybe that was the beauty.”

The promo of the drama serial Khudparast has also hit the internet and it shows us how Beenish goes through tough time living with her In laws, she gets beaten up by his husband and goes through a lot of mental torture. After looking at the promo of the drama serial we get a hint that Beenish belongs to a family who is from a lower caste and that might be one big reason why she faces all the torture, and beatings. The complete promo shows us the Beenish struggling in her home to live a happy life however she cannot find peace with her husband and In Laws.

The promo also has a dialogue which might be the bitter truth and an eye opener for all those women who go through the same the dialogue is “Ager ap jaisi chand aur aurtein paida hogaee na, to mard larkiyon ko dafnane ki riwayat phir se zindaga kerdenge…” Maybe this drama serial Khudparast will break all the stereotypes. However we have no idea about the drama as no such details have been revealed by the cast uptil now.