Naveed Raza will be seen in the upcoming drama serial ‘Ishq Bay Pana’ which will be airing on express entertainment. The drama is produced is by Ice Media Entertainment, the cats of the drama serial includes Naveed Raza, Azeka Danial, Shameen Khan, Erum Ero, Rana Majid, Parvin Akbar and Tariq Jameel.

We asked Naveed Raza about the drama serial and he told us

“The story revolves around a family, its about two cousins who are set to marry each other, I’ll be playing the role of Shoukat, So, at the day of the wedding my cousin runs away with some other guy and leaves me heartbroken, however I’m the guy who is always thinking of shortcuts and revenge, so I plan to marry her sister just so I could take revenge from my cousin, that’s the moment I realize I made some big mistakes in my life and I have to bring back my life together.” He further describes his character “My role is of a negative guy who always tries to jumps to conclusions and because of this i face many problems in life, this drama would be giving us a lesson ‘we shouldn’t be jumping towards conclusions so fast’.”

Talking about his experience with the cast

“ Working with Ice Media productions has always been a great experience I’ve done three drama serials with them, Mein Chaand Si, Kis Din Mera Viya Howega (Season 4) and it really fun working with Ejaz Aslam.” He further added on “I will start working on different projects I’ll be starring in A Hum Entertainment Drama Serial And Ary Digital Drama Serial.”

Apart from this Naveed Raza told us about his other activities “I’m the brand ambassador for HIV Aids in Karachi and Sindh apart from this I’m also a part of TB campaign with Indus Hospital.”

To find out what happens in Ishq Bay Pana tune into Express Entertainment from 11th October every Thursday and Friday 9 Pm Onwards.