‘Nazraana’ A Tribute To The Martyrs Of Pakistan

This Defence Day Ismail Industries Limited paid tribute to all those men and women in the Army suit fighting for their country. Nazraana a poem dedicated to all those people who have sacrificed their lives for our better tomorrow.

Ismail Industries Limited have released a poem video ‘Nazraana’, a tribute to the armed forces of Pakistan, the video features Fareed Ayaz Abu Mohammad Wajji Ali, Shahbaz Khan and Shahzad Nawaz. The video has been produced by Babar Hamid under the banner of The Poster Company. Directed by, DaRang Wahab Attia Sarfaraz, A poem by Ali Moeen recited by Shahzad Nawaz. The video starts off with an old woman who moves towards the shelf and picks up the picture of the martyrs of 1965 Pakistan India War. We then get a glimpse of two guitarists and the next moment Shahzad Nawaz shows up where we can we see him telling us a story about the martyrs of Pakistan by reciting a poem. Shahzad Nawaz Starts of by saying “Ye khwuab Nagar, Ye Khuwab Abaad, Is mitti mein khoob boya gaya tou sabz bani.”(Pakistan a was once a dream, this dream has now been populated with people, Many sacrifices have been given for our soil just to make it fertile.




The complete video shows us the training of army members, Airforce training and also footages of war. Towards the end of the video we see that a mother is given her sons army attire and his casket is then lifted into the grave with Pakistan’s flag on it, showing us a true symbol a patriotism, a soldier who died fighting for his beloved country.

Our special thanks to ISPR – Inter Services Public Relations, Pakistan Navy Public Relations and The Directorate of Media Affairs, Pakistan Air Force for the video archives and footage. May God Bless Pakistan.

Set and Art direction by Faisal Faseeh