Neelam Muneer
Neelam Muneer

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Neelam Muneer in conversation with Celebdhaba

Neelam Muneer reveals the secrets about her balanced life and how she intends to take her career seriously.

She’s known for her sharp wit and easy going attitude. But behind the star is a girl who had to prove her mettle to get where she is today.

I could add more superlatives to describe you; people know that you are beautiful, poised and elegant. Who is the Neelam they don’t know?

Every person has different shades to their personalities. People don’t know that I am an extrovert by nature; simple, easy to get along with, pure at heart and fun loving. I enjoy myself in gatherings and don’t get irritated by people.

Neelam Muneer

It’s an all new aura about you since you started as a teenager? You’ve completed a decade in the industry. Have you changed or people have changed?

It’s been an amazing roller coaster ride since I stared. Time flies, I can’t believe it’s been a decade in the industry. Naturally people were different initially as they were unaware of my talent, but as of now people know me and expect a lot from me. I feel it’s a big responsibility on an actor’s part to maintain a balance by making the right choices.

Dil Nawaz belonged to Neelam Muneer completely. No two opinions on that! Tell us how it happened?

I was quite excited, when I heard the script of Dil Nawaz, especially my character of a supernatural being, who has no connection with the world and falls in love with a human being. The combination of a love triangle combined with horror, was done very logically and naturally.

Neelam Muneer

What really came as a surprise to me was the response Dil Nawaz received. Besides my character, my makeup and mehndi style became so popular amongst the girls; that they were termed as “Dil Nawaz Mehndi” and “Dil Nawaz Makeup”. I saw the makeup and mehndi tutorial videos floating on social media, which was indeed a delight to watch.

Life has been good to you recently? Coming out fresh from the success of Chupan Chupai. How does it feel like to be a public temptation?

Good things are destined to happen and so was Chupan Chupai. The entire cast and crew of the film had put their heart and soul to the project and resultantly, the film was a big success. The songs became popular on the chartbusters.

Neelam Muneer

It feels great when your work gets recognized and is liked by so many people across. I am going through a lot of scripts these days; let’s see which film do I pick next. Fingers Crossed!

Why should boys have all the fun? You proved this quote totally wrong by making the entire nation groove to the tunes of “MAHI VE” with your aesthetic dance moves in the car; I must say they were far better than the original. What made you do that?

Mahi ve was destined to happen. It wasn’t intentional at all. I wrapped up the shoot earlier that day and went for high tea with friends. It’s quite natural for girls in the car to enjoy and dance.

Neelam Muneer

Later the video came up on social media and became an instant hit and there was no looking back. I am really thankful to my fans for appreciating the video to such an extent.

There isn’t a cosmetic in the world other than success and appreciation. Did you always know in the back of your mind that one day you’ll be successful and get appreciated?

It feels so nice and blessed to be a celebrity. I couldn’t have asked for more. I meet a lot of fans everyday, who are crazy, just to catch a glimpse of us. At the same time, I feel proud to be the chosen one and take the responsibility of being an actor with great pride by doing substantial work.

How do you strike a balance between your career and personal life?

I have always been qualitative rather than quantitative. I choose to be a part of selected projects; therefore I get time to spend with my family. For instance, when my elder sister was getting married, at the same time the promotional activities of Chupan Chupai were on full swing.

Neelam Muneer

Earlier in the day, I was attending morning shows and promotional events for the film and later in the evening I was busy with the wedding functions. I am quite a multitasker; therefore it’s easy to keep a balance between the two.

What do you look for in a script?

I believe the script is the soul of any project. Firstly I look up to my character.Is the role offering me enough meat and margin to perform? Besides who is the writer? The director and D.O.P do matter a lot.If all combinations fall in the right place than you’re nothing short of creating magic on screen.

I have the habit of building my up character craft, I work on the peculiarities of the character i.e. the way she speaks, behaves or may look up, is a prerequisite for me.

What’s keeping you busy these days?

I am shooting for a huge project titled “Dil Moam ka Diya”, directed by Shahid Shafat. I am sharing screen space with Yasir Nawaz. Can’t wait for you guys to see it.

As they say: “One best book is equal to hundred good friends” Besides work, reading books is also keeping me busy these days.


Your style statement in three words?

Confident, Professional and Straightforward.

What can’t you live without; heels or sunglasses?


Out of all the fashionable people on the planet who is your style icon?

Nobody, specifically! I think one should be confident enough, that whatever he/she wears becomes a style statement.

Diamonds or pearls?


Blow Dry or Hair Dry?

Hair Dry

Heels or Flats?


Jogging or Swimming?


What’s the late night food that you crave for?

I am extremely blessed not to have any late night cravings.

What’s your favorite downtown restaurant?

I love homemade food. I don’t prefer going to any restaurant.

Looking back at your life what’s the one nervous moment you’ve ever gone through?

I get a bit nervous while travelling by air, as I suffer from aircraft phobia.

A person you would love to have coffee with?

No one, other than my mother.

One person you always wanted to meet but never got a chance yet?

Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Who’s the one actress you look up to? Which performance of her you like the most?

All are doing great. It would be unfair to take just one name.

Would you shave your head for a role of a lifetime?

If a play a character which is an autobiography of a person, than yes I would shave my head. Otherwise I would happily donate my hairs to a cancer patient.

What gets you pumped up? What gets you off?

Jokes get me pumped up. Loquacious people really get me off.

What’s your workout song?

Nothing, specifically! I am ok with any song being played. I like to talk using hands-free, while walking or running on the treadmill.

One thing you still have from your childhood?

My childhood diaries are still with me, and they make me very nostalgic.

Who do you look up most in life?

I look up within my soul. I am a very spiritual person. My mother has always been the greatest guiding light in my life.