Sony and Disney had parted their ways and due to this Disney had taken the rights of Spider Man from Sony but they did not go down they have introduced a new character which is known as ‘Black Monkey’ Well yes the trailer of the film is also out the makers of Sony have teased a trailer of ‘Black Monkey’.

The complete trailer consists of the scenes from Spider-Man: Far From Home but the only difference is there’s no Spider-Man, there’s Night Monkey who is dressed up in a black suit and guess what Tom Holland will be playing the role of Night Monkey.

Night Monkey is the story of a superhero who helps Mysterio defeats the Elementals and he is running all over the news helping people ta night and that’s the time he comes out to fight off crime but isn’t that too mainstream? Well looks like Sony just want to make some money using their favorite Superstar Tom Holland but it looks like the project will fail as the scenes are mostly from the film Spider-Man: Far From Home and talking about Night Monkey’s suit well it looks like he belongs to the SWAT team all dressed up as an agent and not a superhero.

Well the critics and the fans have some really bad takes on the trailer of the film further uptil now no such details about the film have been revealed its just the trailer.