Obhartay Sitaray is an annual inter-school singing competition that provides students a platform to prove their passion for singing with the opportunity to raise funds for education of the less-privileged children of TCF.

The Chief Guest of the event was the US Consul General Mr. Grace W. Shelton.

This year, more than 70,000 household from 120+ schools campuses in Karachi participated in the fundraising efforts while over 629 students (277 teams) competed in the school level singing rounds. For the Team’s Final, 88 voices in 32 teams from Primary, Secondary, Senior, & College levels participated in the competition where the judges were maestros like Tina Sani, Arshad Mehmood, Afshan Ahmed and Salman Alvi.

Speaking on the occasion, TCF Chairman & Co-Founder, Mr. Ateed Riaz said, “TCF remains committed to the cause of education. At TCF, we believe that education has to be more holistic than just textbook studies. Obhartay Sitaray brings TCF children and private school children on the same platform and I think that is a true reflection of TCF’s mission of removing the barriers of class and privilege. It is heartening to see more supporters for Obhartay Sitaray each year, this ever growing TCF family marks the victory of education over illiteracy and deprivation. I am delighted to see such young students perform difficult Pakistani songs with great poise. You see these bright children of private schools sharing stage with TCF children and you cannot help but see a brilliant future of our country.”


‘Obhartay Sitaray’ initiated in 2012, has now become a signature event of TCF in the course of five years. It is managed by a ladies volunteer group called Supporters of The Citizens Foundation (STCF). The group actively puts in time, effort, expertise and resources to arrange a vast array of fundraising events to support the cause of an educated and enlightened Pakistan.

Commenting on the phenomenal response, Mrs. Biba Baseer, Project Lead for Obhartay Sitaray said:

“We are a generous and big hearted society; all people need is a direction and the assurance that their funds will be utilized in good faith. We are thankful to all the partnering schools and their students who not only participated actively but also collected funds for TCF. I feel Obhartay Sotaray has become a singing platform for the young and talented children of our country. They have the voices as well as the hearts of gold.”