The Citizens Foundation (TCF) has organized this year’s Obhartay Sitaray to provide a singing platform to school going students of Karachi.

Obhartay Sitaray 2018 competition will kick off from the mid-January with finale scheduled for 27th January.

The judges’ panel comprises of the musical powerhouses like Tina Sani, Salman Alvi, Afshan Ahmed, SB John and Azhar Hussain among others.

Speaking about Obhartay Sitaray as a platform, veteran singer, Tina Sani said,

“It is heartening to see such young students sing these difficult songs. These are the children who are singing well without any training at such a young age. With the right kind of mentorship, they could easily make a name for themselves in the music industry. Kudos to the TCF supporters for taking this wonderful initiative to help these young minds develop a good music sense. At the same time they develop a philanthropic spirit to raise funds and realize that education is the right of every child.”


Obhartay Sitaray (OS) is a singing program where we engage our leaders of tomorrow to start thinking about the future of the under-served children of Pakistan.

“Obhartay Sitaray as the name suggests, is a platform for the young generation to prove their singing mettle. We came up with this idea because we felt that there should be an activity that is entertaining yet raises awareness for the education issue and TCF’s contribution in this regard. This event is for our new generation to celebrate music and stand side by side with TCF students to understand that with a good education in place, there are no barriers of class and privilege. We are trying to help these children break the stereotypes so they can build a stronger, more positive future together. We are grateful to all the participating schools and our judges to making Obhartay Sitaray a success,” said Mrs. Biba Basir, Obhartay Sitaray coordinator.

The competition is a classic example that demonstrates TCF’s vision of ‘removing barriers of class and privilege to make the citizens of Pakistan agents of positive change.’ It is heartwarming to see the well-off students of elite private schools share the same stage as the less privileged students of TCF and perform Pakistani songs with equally impressive finesse.

Source : press release