Pak Setellite Paknes-1A

Observatory Satellite PakTES-1A will launch on next month

Pakistani scientist has made new satellite system named PakTES-1A, which is going to launch into orbit by next month this is the greatest technology as the news from Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Sunday announced the launch of Pakistan’s indigenously developed 285kg PakTES-1A observatory satellite in July 2018.


Pakistan made Satellite PakTES-1A will be equipped with a number of sensors and cameras to conduct its services.It will also provide various remote sensing services such as studying the features of Earth, identify mineral deposits, and studying the impact of climate change including the decline of melting glaciers and the effect of Greenhouse Gasses which can be affated on pakistani air space.


PakTES-1 will provide the remote sensing technology of the satellite is expected to solve problems associated with agriculture and forestry reports.