Dear Sharmeen,
I’d like to start with a few questions. First of all, did the doctor send an inappropriate message to your sister along with “the friend request?”
What is your understanding of the word “harassment” and being “unethical?” Don’t you think “unethical” was a better suited word for this scenario, rather than a strong word like “harassment?”
To my understanding you are a feminist, and I am all for empowering women as well. My understanding of feminism, however is very different. It’s equality, and equal rights for MEN & WOMEN both. So why isn’t a friend request sent by a female to a man considered as harassment ? I strongly believe harassment is not gender specific, and men should also be raising their voices on these “non issues” in all honesty. Why couldn’t your sister just decline the request, and block the doctor? There was a clear solution right there, it wasn’t like she had no escape, or any way out of this.
Also, a social platform is a public space, if one doesn’t want people approaching them then they should just deactivate their accounts , so they stop feeling “harassed.”
What about the actual “serious” harassment? The harassment men and women , both face on a daily basis? Women face it every single day on their way to work, or school
, or college. Harassment And cat calling on the streets? In the buses? At work? By their spouses, & family members? The emotional, sexual and mental abuse they face every single day. The doctor sent a friend request to your sister, is that really bigger than these incidents, & issues?
There is a difference between empowering women, and using the woman card to play victim in a scenario which had a solution right in front of you ( reject and block) . From covering, highlighting and creating awareness about acid victims, honor killings , sexual & domestic abuse etc. nationally, and internationally . This was seriously the next big issue in your eyes that needed to be bought to attention? A friend request on FB?
I receive a dozen requests, and even messages each day. I click on reject and block, and resolve the problem. The same thing could’ve been done here. It was unethical yes, but this is not harassment. You could’ve spoken to the doctor privately if this was such an issue for you.
Honestly, in my opinion he probably sent a harmless friend request because you are an Oscar winner, and she is your sister. Normal people do get excited when they see those who are famous, and some people also like to network. In my understanding , one of the main purpose of social media is networking.
One last thing, so if someone follows you on Instagram, or on twitter or even on FB ( a male) is he also harassing you? I would love for you to answer this for me. I am all for women’s rights, but I’m sorry I find this a non issue which cost a man his job, and his reputation as well.