Hello Network

Orkut is back with the name of Hello Network

Orkut is the product of Google which was very famous in 2003 to 2009 before facebook people used to do social networking on ORKUT.COM first brush with social media friendships was because of Orkut. It gave us a virtual life with friends we could not meet and then, there were friendships that blossomed into love too. But when Facebook happened, Orkut silently resided in our inboxes and eventually died on September 30, 2014.

But the old friend is back in the form of a new app ‘Hello’. With the data leaking fiasco of Facebook, people are looking for a fresh start. The focus of audience has already shifted from Facebook to Instagram and Twitter. But if you are still looking forward for a fresh start, your old friend is all set to say ‘Hello’.

As we know Facebook has groups and here in Orkut had Communities where people can do group chat in form of scraps.  it can be private and public as well. orkut Buyukkoten, who once created a sensation amid the young generation by providing a social media platform, has set up his new headquarters in San Fransisco to launch Orkut in a new avatar.

Hello App Details

Hello is available worldwide now and retains one of its favorite features, that of a virtual ‘avatar’. Some of the categories that your personas can be slotted under are; clubber, geek, photographer, traveler, etc.

The app description says:
Use hello to:
1. Explore over 1000+ communities and over 100+ interest based personas
2. Discover personalized, fresh and relevant content based on your passions and interests
3. Share your creations, ideas and experiences with communities of like-minded people
4. Have meaningful conversations in an open and friendly environment