In the modern world every one is a fan of some thrilling sci-fi. People want monsters and bad-ass machines, that is what people love nowadays. Well Thursday 25th January has brought us some good news, and the news is that the another part of the Pacific Rim Installment is coming out in no time.

Its gonna be good day for all those sci-fi fans.

As well all know that in the first part of Pacific Rim, humanity was in danger when a monster Called kaiju attacked planet earth. Kaiju was defeated by a pilot squadron led by Idris elba’s stacker Pentecost, Pacific Rim uprising has been scheduled almost a decade over and John Boyega is playing the role of Stacker’s son Jake Pentecost. Jake has always been under his fathers shadow and hasn’t got anything to prove himself worthy, until a new Wave of Kaiju attacks planet earth, And now is the time for Jake to show his true potential.

Jake boyega is helped by some inexperienced pilots to fight the Kaiju wave, Boyega also has his own Inspiration Speeches just like Elba had in the First part. The trailer of the film makes it clear that this time Kaiju didn’t come by it self it was brought to Planet earth by someone, Someone no one knows with unexpected ideas, Does this mean that there will be third part as well or that it will lead to some massive fights between the Jaegars.

The film is being directed by Steven Deknight who brings a very different picture to the film.

The new trailer shows us a world which is far more Explosive and futuristic. Pacific Rim uprising will be hitting the theatres on March 23. We think that this film is going to be a massive hit and will swoop the big screens, because of the graphics and all those eye capturing details, until then we just have to wait for the movie.