Millions of Pakistanis around the world were feeling the heat of Pakistan West Indies clash as the first match for both teams approached in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Everyone expected a nail biting contest. Thousands of Pakistani’s traveled all the way from different parts of UK to watch this crucial opening match at Trent Bridge. Sadly these Pakistani fans had no idea that their team has no plans to let them be seated for complete fifty overs. They didn’t know that Pakistani team will catch them again by a jaw-dropping surprise through some mind-blowing performance. Pakistan Cricket fans were the biggest victims that day.

Russell’s helmet-hitter delivery dislodged Fakhar.

Sarcasm prevailed from commentary box to the media and to streets. Ramiz Raja rightly used the word, “embarrassment”, as it felt and perceived with substantial presence. Ian Bishop claimed that this is not the team that won the ICC Champions Trophy two years ago.

Haris Sohail had no answer to the short pitch ball.

Pakistani team was simply bounced out for just 105. They couldn’t stand on the pitch and face even a not so terrifying West Indian bowling side. West Indian bowlers are not a significant threat anymore for any world team these days like the way they once used to be. But for Pakistan they proved fearsome and unplayable like anything. Not a touch of professionalism and a hint of experience were displayed. It was a below-average show that has plunged Pakistan team’s morale into great depths.

West Indies easily finished the match in 13th over.

Now they’ll face England again on Monday, apparently not too tricky to guess the outcome of the match unless Pakistan’s “unpredictability” factor comes to play. Then Pakistan is going to face Sri Lanka, Australia, India, South Africa and New Zealand in the upcoming back-to-back matches of the World Cup. After looking at this sequence of matches, it seems that Pakistan is in high waters and the only thing that can salvage hopes of 200 million people is a “miraculous comeback” which rests within the hands of eleven players.